About us

Ausab Australian Abalone - A clean, green sustainable Australian product

All of our farms are nestled on the scenic shores of the Great Southern Ocean, a sea renowned for its clean, unpolluted and crystal clear waters. This is the environment that gives our abalone the sweetest flavour and enables us to consistently deliver only the very highest quality seafood.

Purity is our mantra

The oceans off Australia's southern coasts are among the cleanest and purest in the world - and also the only place that our famous Greenlip Abalone can thrive - the conditions are perfect.
We are pioneers of the Ausab Australian Abalone aquaculture industry and grow premium grade species including Greenlip (Haliotis Laevigata) and Tiger (Haliotis x Rubra) abalone. In fact, we are the world's largest supplier of cultured Greenlip abalone. The sweet, subtle flavour, tender texture and pearl white meat make these ocean delicacies highly prized by the world’s most discerning chefs.

As more and more people discover the exquisite taste of abalone our output is steadily increasing. We are industry leaders in the production of abalone, and our sustainable methods and excellent logistics mean that we can ensure a consistent supply all year round so not only can more diners enjoy this delicious treat, we're also ensuring its survival for future generations to enjoy as well.