How to Prepare Frozen Abalone

Whether you’re a professional chef in the Food and Beverage industry and offering abalone on your menu for the first time, or you’re someone who likes raising the bar at home in your own kitchen, knowing how to correctly prepare abalone can mean the difference between a good dish and a truly outstanding one.

How to prepare frozen whole in shell and live abalone

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Ausab Abalone Defrosting

Step 1

All Ausab frozen abalone should ideally be thawed slowly. Under no circumstance should abalone be force- thawed in hot or warm water or in a microwave. Only use recommended defrosting methods (see below). Once abalone is thawed, wash product thoroughly in cold fresh water prior to shucking.

Ausab Abalone Shucking

Step 2

Rest the front of a spoon or spatula against the muscle attached to the inside top of shell. Move the spoon or spatula inward, cutting the connecting muscle close to the shell.

Ausab Abalone Shucking 2

Step 3

Remove the meat from the shell.

Ausab Abalone Shucking 3

Step 4

Using sharp knife, trim gut away from meat and remove hard mouthparts.

Ausab Abalone Shucking 2

Step 5

Wash the shucked meat and cook as required - see recipes.

Defrosting Instructions

Only use recommended defrosting methods (see A and B below) on AUSAB frozen abalone. Thawing in HOT, WARM OR AMBIENT WATER OR IN A MICROWAVE may lead to tissue damage (meat structure breakdown). Do not cook the frozen abalone or abalone not completely defrosted.

A) Slow Thaw - Refrigerator Defrosting: (Best for all Cooking Methods)

Remove frozen abalone from the box and bag. Place frozen abalone with shell down on trays in the refrigerator. Defrost abalone in the refrigerator (set at 2°C to 6°C / 35°F to 43°F) for approximately 24 hours until the abalone is completely defrosted and the abalone’s core temperature is the same temperature as the refrigerator.

B) Fast Thaw - Iced Water Defrosting - (Not suitable for boiling the Abalone)

Mix 10 liters (2.64 gallons) cold water, 1kg (2.2046lbs) of ice cubes and 350 grams (~12.34oz) of salt, until the water is < 3°C (37°F) and salt is dissolved. The ratio can be altered for smaller quantities - (10:1:0.350). Remove frozen abalone from plastic bag and place into icy water shell side down in a single layer for 4.5 hours, stir the water regularly. Add extra ice as required to maintain water temperature at less than 3°C (37°F) for full 4.5 hours.


Cook and/or consume immediately after defrosting and remove any shell fragments before consumption.

Cooking Advice:

Our abalone has delicate flesh and we suggest cooking at a temperature of 70°C / 148°F. Excessive cooking time and temperature can lead to meat shrinkage, especially when cooking our smaller abalone (less than 71 g / 2.5 oz).