Our Process

Ausab Abalone are produced by Yumbah Pty Ltd, the largest product of greenlip abalone in the world. Yumbah are globally renowned for their commitment to quality, sustainability and leading aquaculture practices. To find out more about Yumbah, click the link below:


Responsible shepherds of the oceans.

As a producer of a precious but much-sought after food such as Greenlip Abalone, sustainability is part of everything we do. This is the world's most prized abalone yet only lives in the pristine waters of Australia's southern oceans so we believe that it needs to be protected from overfishing while keeping it's ocean home clean for future stocks and all the other marine life that live there.For the best products and to ensure wild stocks are not affected, our Greenlip Abalone is farm-grown on the southern coasts. This means we have great control over the growing process and can guarantee a pure, eco-friendly product.

...and the land

As a company, we also have a responsibility to our employees and the community in which we live. This is why we operate under strict biosecurity protocols and codes, ensuring that nothing we do has any negligible impact on local habitats and diversity. We engage with our neighbours and the local community to create a positive impact on their lives and jobs, and try to offer the best working environment for our talented farming teams by focusing on their health, safety and welfare.

Grown with care

We give our loving attention to abalone as they grow to maturity. Our abalone are regularly taken out and tested to ensure they are healthy, growing and feeding well. And, after 3 years when they are at the optimum size, the best specimens are harvested by hand by a trained team.

A state-of-the-art process

Our abalone are snap frozen the moment they're harvested. This process involves bringing down the temperature of the abalone as quickly as possible to below freezing, preserving the freshness and unmistakable abalone texture.

Take a look how our exquisite abalone goes from our farms to your plate!

Baby abalone start their lives attached to layered vertical sheets. These are covered with algae, the food source for these growing creatures as they are in their juvenile stage.

When they are a little older, trials are carried out to ensure our abalone are receiving the best diets to aid health and growth.

Fresh filtered seawater circulates in the tanks which are cleaned regularly to ensure the abalone have the best possible environment in which to thrive

The abalone are hand fed daily on a 100% natural diet with essential nutrients.

When they reach maturity and a commercial size, the harvest team removes each abalone by hand from the tanks.

Shortly after harvest, the abalone are taken to the processing room where they are snap frozen before being packaged and sent to discerning customers all around the world.