Frozen Greenlip Abalone

Ausab Premium Australian Abalone - Clean green and frozen.

The pristine Antarctic waters flow into the Australian Great Southern Ocean at extremely cold temperatures, creating the perfect conditions for our famous Greenlip Abalone. This is the only place in the world that these fascinating creatures thrive.

Perfection frozen and delivered

We're not all lucky enough to live next to the beautiful southern Australian oceans, but we can still all enjoy their richest treasure - Greenlip Abalone. Our abalone are immediately snap frozen on harvesting which instantly seals in the freshness and goodness so you can enjoy the product of perfect purity anywhere in the world – just as nature intended.

It can come as a surprise to many people that chefs and gourmets think frozen seafood can be a great deal better than fresh. Modern technology means that our abalone is frozen so quickly that there is no cellular rupturing to the fish - so your abalone retains its distinctive texture. And as it's frozen at the peak of freshness and nutrition, all this goodness is sealed in. Freezing also means you can enjoy our wonderful products the whole year round.